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The Ubuntu Group facilitates numerous trainings

focused on the growth and development

of individuals, groups, and organizations as a whole.  



Tools for Growth

At the most basic level trainings offer tools.  When taught well, modeled by leaders, applied broadly, and engrained deeply in an individual or organization they offer the use of common language, the ability to gain insight, and thus facilitate the opportunity to grow.    



These growth-oriented trainings have been selected based on three criteria:

Developmental focused:  each selected tool is focused on developing some part of an individual so that they may be more effective in the whole of their life (vocation, family, friends, etc.).

Deep and ongoing development of the tool:  each selected tool has both a long history being cultivated and continues to mature in the present.

Independently validated and researched:  each tool selected has been studied, critiqued, written about, and ultimately endorsed by scholars and practioners who are free of bias for or against the instrument. 



Why offer such a variety?  Would it be better to focus on just a few?  The Ubuntu Group and our partners offer a wide range of trainings for the simple reason that a screwdriver is not a hammer.  Sure, you can use a screwdriver as a hammer but it’s ultimately a poor substitute.  Similarly, each of these trainings have a specific focus and should be specifically used for its intended purpose.  What one training offers should not be used in a way that is outside of its frame nor that another, purpose-built training does much better.  


The following are our current offerings…  

“Tell me and I forget,

teach me and I may remember,

involve me and I learn.”

– Benjamin Franklin

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